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PEONIES: the beloved peony, they are a brides favorite. Loved for their big, blousy blooms,  peonies are here & gone before you know it

They are available from May

to mid/late June






Peony flowers come in a range of colours including: yellow, coral, peach, and lavender, in addition to white, blush, pink, magenta & red

Most peonies have a scent classified as rose, lemon, honey or musk

It’s Peony Season…..for a limited time only

just a couple of weeks left…..



I had the pleasure of meeting UK’s top wedding planner & host of the popular TV series “Wedding S.O.S”, Jane Dayus-Hinch!

She was as lovely & funny as she appears on her television show.

She was the guest speaker, talking to a room full of wedding planners & other wedding professionals, inlighting us with her wisdom & amazing stories she has accumulated over her 25+ years of being a Wedding Planner!

Jane told us that she has planned over 1800 weddings…..WOW! You can imagine the stories that she has. Many she can’t tell us about, as she has signed wavers stating she cannot reveal the names of some of her “celebrity clients”. I’m sure she has planned MANY famous weddings, with several great stories to tell……only if she could.

Jane explained the importance of hiring a wedding planner, especially now of days. Although brides feel that they are the best person to plan their wedding, with some  help from mom & bridesmaids, most brides do not deligate enough. Couples are far too busy these days & usually feel overwhelmed shortly after the planning process begins.

It takes approx. 250 hrs to plan a wedding. Most couples will have no choice but to spend every weekend planning their wedding. Hiring a professional will take the stress out of planning & will free up a lot of time, so the couple can enjoy their weekends. Wedding Planners know lots of vendors in every category & usually have their own “preferred vendors list”. Many of those vendors offer wedding planner’s clients discounts, saving their clients money as well as time!

As a WPIC certified wedding planner, we do not accept referral fees from vendors! It’s considered a “kickback” and is against our “code of ethics” Our vendors are referred on merrit , we will only recommend the best to our clients!

Jane also discussed the importance of vendors working together! She explained to us how  officiants (for example), sometimes will not want to work with a wedding planner. Jane says “they ruin the wedding”! By not allowing the planner to help the officiant & work together, things always go wrong. They are only concerned with getting them down the asile & saying the vows, not all the other many details involved with getting everyone to the ceremony & having everything & everyone in its place, all on time. There is so much more to the ceremony that they (officiants) don’t consider or have any part in.

It was great to see that one of the many guests enjoying the seminar & learning  was an officiant, named John. He was given a thunderous applause because he wanted  to learn more about the role of the wedding planner. He now agree’s to be more accepting of us & work together! I really hope I get to work with him some day! Good for John!

At the conclusion of the seminar, we all had a chance to chat & have our pictures taken with Jane. She was such a delight! Since I was sporting a cast, due to an injury from my last bridal show, I fell & broke my wrist. She signed it for me, Jane writes: “Broken? Never! Wedding Planners Rock!”

Thank you Jane Dayus-Hinch & Thank you to Jennifer Maxwell of  www.WiseBride.ca  for organizing the event.

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