I had the pleasure of attending an Open House at one of Toronto’s most unique venues. Located at 50 Pottery Rd. Just seconds from the DVP, Fantasy Farm is a little piece of country in the big city!

Surrounded by mature trees, gardens and wildlife, all friendly I’m sure. Fantasy Farm makes you feel like you are miles away from the hustle & bustle.

What makes this venue unique, is its retro feel & decor. In fact, I had to laugh when I saw the bridal suite, the furniture brought back memories. The lamp they had, was the exact same lamp my parents had, back in the mid to late 70′s…..yes 1970! Now you know my age…lol!

I met one of the owners, Jimmy Georgoulis, he told me that they pride themselves in offering clients the best food! He claims they will pull out all the stops to ensure all their clients & their clients guests are very happy. They like to use local & seasonal farm fresh ingredients to ensure the best quaility.

Fantasy Farm caters to not only weddings but to Corporate Events, Birthday Parties, Baptisms, Engagement Showers, etc.

I do suggest going to see what Fantasy Farm has to offer. If “unique” is what your looking for, then I think you found the right place!

Here is a sneak peek….enjoy!

 rosepetal supplied all the decor for the Open House

Myself & Felicia Ma- fellow WPICC

Gorgeous & delicious cakes from Sugar Krystles Cake Design

Mr. Mark Woodland from Piper Studios standing next to their very sleek looking photoboothVincent from Just For U-DJ kept the crowd entertained with some great tunes complete with viedo!Lovely stone fireplace, perfect for a cozy fall/winter weddingSome of the friendly faces at Fantasy Farm- Jimmy & Brian Menogue Wedding & Event AssistantsThat 70′s Bridal SuiteThe memories this room brought back….had this exact lamp growing up, complete with the white vinyl furniture & stucco!

For more information on what Fantasy Farm has to offer, contact Adelade LaFontaine- Corporate & Event Sales: adie@fantasyfarm.ca  416.425.9122

Photography by Lini Campbell Photography


During the wedding planning, at some point you will be discussing decor with either your wedding planner and/or the venue. Some venues do offer “standard” linens & chair covers in their wedding packages. More often than not, they are usually basic white.

Nothing wrong with white, it’s a neutral colour, works with any theme & other colours. But couples want more….more colour, more choice. So the question is do you rent or do you buy?

First you contact a decor rental company to inquire on rentals & their costs. Whoa….you want how much?? Heck, I could buy them for that price! Then a light bulb goes off….yes, maybe we should buy instead of rent! Then after our wedding we’ll just sell them to another bride on Kijiji….Brilliant! Or is it?

Things to consider when you decide to buy, instead of rent:

 Sweet you just paid $2.50/per chair cover, great savings! Renting them would have been the same price (DIY) & if we wanted the rental company to install them, OMG, that would have cost approx. $4/per chair cover

Now, you have to pick them up & store them until the day of the wedding & you have 150 wedding guests at your wedding, that’s a lot of chair covers! What if you buy linens too, that’s another 15 120″ floor length linens that need to be stored.

Another great money saver is DIY centerpieces!

Those awesome feather centerpieces are pretty expensive to rent. Just go & purchase your own vases & a bunch of feathers & do it yourself!

Since they are not real flowers, you can make them weeks in advance & just store them until the wedding day.

Keep in mind, to achieve that full look, you’ll need approx. 25 ostritch feathers per centerpiece.

The wedding day has finally arrived!! Now you need to have someone to bring all 150 chair covers, 15 120″ table linens & 15 3′ tall feather centerpieces to the venue…..no problem

Ok, now you have to designate someone in your bridal party or a family member to install all 150 chair covers, linens & 15 centerpieces….wow, that’s a lot of work!!! Not to mention at the end of the night, you must remove all 150 chair covers, linens & centerpieces. I know,I know……you’re tired & have had a few drinks, but someone has to do it!

Now you have all your chair covers, linens & centerpieces home, back in the garage or basement. So you quickly post an ad on kijiji

“For Sale” 150 navy blue “tie back” chair covers & 15 120″ navy blue floor length linens & 15 white feather centerpieces….Awesome price!

Days pass…..no bites, Hmmmmmm? Ok, so you lower the price a bit more…..still nothing?

Finally….someone calls, they’re interested, but they only want 75 chair covers & 8 linenes & no centerpieces. What do you do? Say no, it’s all or nothing, ’cause you NEED to get rid of everything, or do you sell what you can, just to recoup a small portion of what you paid?

You start to think, maybe renting wasn’t a bad option after all?

If you rented, no need to sell afterwards! You pick up what you need, then drop off, back to the rental company, but keep in mind, you still need to DIY

But…..if you pay a little bit extra, no need to DIY, you can enjoy your wedding day & not work through it! The rental company delivers, sets up & at the end of the night, they will come back & pick it all up!

So….what is the better choice, buy or rent?

Only you can make that decision, now that you have the facts. Buying & DIY can save you money but in the end, is it really worth it?

Something tells me that those rental prices aren’t looking so bad after all

Happy Planning!




It was a gorgeous evening in Downtown Toronto. The sun was shining, the birds were singing, the skies were blue, & 42 WPICC Wedding Coordinators & vendors came together & boarded the “Showboat” for a fun night of networking & cruising Toronto!

I am the WPIC Regional Representative for Durham Region! As the Regional Representative, it is my responsibility to organize networking events & learning seminars for WPICC alumni

Certified Wedding/ Event Planners are constantly educating themselves & networking with other wedding vendors & venues. We tour  many venues & taste their food, so we can confidently refer them to our clients. It’s a tough job, I know…..but someone has to do it

We learn all there is to know about the venue. What packages they offer,  pricing, food, etc. We can match the right venue to our clients. Saving them a lot of time & running around from venue to venue & meeting to meeting, trying to find that perfect venue they have been dreaming of

Jana, a Mariposa Representative, discussing with us, their fleet & what they can offer our wedding & corporate clients

Jana explains that Mariposa doesn’t offer wedding packages, as all weddings are custom to what the client wants. Giving couples the freedom to design their own ceremony and/or reception the way they want, & within their own budget.

Mariposa’s fleet consists of many boats & ships. They can accomedate groups from 2- 500+. Whether you’re having a small intimate wedding or a BIG fat Greek wedding, Mariposa has a boat for that.



The Super-Friendly staff at Mariposa Cruises!

The delicious food that Mariposa Cruises offers

We had a 2 hour cruise around Lake Ontario. Seeing a side of Toronto that you just don’t get to see everyday

During the cruise we had the opportunity to chat with other amazing wedding professionals, that I selected to showcase their work!

gorgeous ring pillow


and stunning garters from Hair Candy Couture

 Hair Candy Couture

Maple bacon cupcakes

fun & oh so yummy treats from Sprinkld with Love

Sprinkld with Love

Florals provided by First Comes Love Floral Designs

Had fun creating the WPIC logo in flowers!

 First Comes Love Floral Designs 

Rand Ridley & Micki Bean, representatives from Paragon DPI, discussing with us, what they can offer us & our clients. Everything from logos, monagrams, business cards, signage,wedding invitations, etc, etc.

Paragon Rep. Rand Ridley presenting to WPICC alumni

You can’t have a boat cruise, without great music!

Matthew Beachamp from Mobile Productions rockin the boat!

Mobile Productions 

I offered all WPICC alumni professional head shots for them to use on their websites, Facebook page, etc. The talented Will Prentice from Captura Photography & Imaging offered his services

Also had the amazing Lini Campbell, capture the night’s events for us…..All photos provided by Lini Campbell Photography

Lini Campbell Photography

 Lini Campbell Photograpy

What a great evening! Great weather, great food, & great friends! Can’t wait for my next WPIC Networking Event…….Coming soon!





We had the pleasure of working with this beautiful couple on their Special Day. Ally & David decided on an Alice in Wonderland themed wedding & FCL was called to help with designing a “tea party” in the woods for this lovely couple, who wanted to have a fun photo shoot prior to saying “I do”

Working with the talented Robyn White from Brooklin Photography, we had fun with the bridal party & they loved what was created for them…

cupcakes provided by The Cake Booth

This little bee hung around our flowers all day! I guess he wanted to be a part of the photo shoot as well….

                                                     Dave checking the time, making sure we are on time! Can’t be late for the ceremony…

Ally & Dave were so much fun to work with. It was a great pleasure to be a part of their Special Day! We wish them a lifetime of happiness….


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