Mmmmmmm, cake! That pretty much sums it up. Who doesn’t like cake? The most common flavours for a wedding cake are chocolate, carrot, lemon, rum & white cake. Some cakes have fillings such as custard, strawberry (fruit,)  or ganache. The can come in different shapes- round, square and even heart shaped.

What ever your style, traditional or non-traditional, a wedding cake can be made into any flavour, shape and/or style to suit your taste & decor.

Cakes can range in price from $300-$1500+ depending on size, flavour(s), labor & level of dificulty. Most cake designers will have a delivery & set-up charge. Other fees to consider are cake stand, flowers & cake-cutting knife.

**If having fresh flowers on your cake, make sure they are organic, as flowers may contain chemicals/pesticides** If not organic, make sure the flower stems are wrapped or are sitting on a plate.

How much cake will you need? Here is a chart to help you figure out just how much cake is needed. Keep in mind that the top tier is traditionally saved for your first anniversary

**The top tier is removed, wrapped in several layers of plastic wrap & kept frozen**


Check with your venue, as most venues will have a “cake cutting” fee. Price Range: $0.75- $2.50 per person

*Many venues offer dessert in their dinner packages. Ask if you were to  use your wedding cake as the dessert instead, they may be willing to waive the cake-cutting fee*


Consider having a “fake cake” This is a great $$ saver! The cake itself will be less expensive- just have the top tier real for freezing & maybe a second tier for the  cake cutting & feeding to each other. Have a “slab” cake in the back with the same icing for the guests. They will never know the difference, but your wallet will

Consider having cupcakes instead of the traditional wedding cake. You can still have a small cake to save for your first wedding anniversary & no cake-cutting fees. Cupcakes are great for a late night sweet table or can be used on a Candy Buffet, that can also dub as your wedding favors, again saving you money.

The best part about cupcakes, is that they are easier to box up the left overs….if there are any

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