For those of us who remember the TV show The Brady Bunch, marrying someone with children from a past relationship may be nothing like how that  show protrayed blended families.In this day & age it has become the norm for a lot of couples getting married. Unfortunately, it’s not always smooth sailing. I, myself have 2 step children & a son of my own from a previous relationship.

I feel its important to incorporate the children in the wedding. Especially younger children, to feel a sense of belonging, love & family! But by no means do I suggest that you force this upon un-willing participants. Sometimes children need more time to adjust. Give them the time & space they need, & hopefully they will come around.

On my wedding day, I had my son-who was 6 yrs old at the time be the ring bearer….or as he called it “the ring bear” He stood with us during the reading of our vows. Although I do remember him looking very bored & making fish lips….lol! And my husbands children, who were teenagers/ young adults, thankfully attended our wedding, making my husband & myself very happy that they were apart of our special day!

There are many idea’s to include the children in both the ceremony & reception.

Thanks to fellow WPIC alumni Jennifer Borgh from  Jennifer Borgh Events for her suggestions on how to incorporate children into the wedding:

*Pour sand (each family member could choose their own colours) into a vase as part of the ceremony

*Giving them a ring or other piece of jewelry  with the children as a symbol of the commitment you are making to them

*Have the children stand for the ceremony, walk down the aisle, or in the front row with reserved seats

*Let them have a special job for the wedding, Usher, flower girl, ring bearer, best man, maid of honour.

*Write a story or draw the pictures in the guest book.

*Let their talents show (if they dance, let them do a dance, if they sing, let them sing a song)

*Children can have a special dance with their parent

*Have them seated at the head table

*Prior to the wedding give them a special card, gift or note to show them how much they mean to you and how much this new family means to both of you*Let them read their own vows, a poem or special reading. If they are older they might want to make a speech at the reception

*Present child with a flower at the beginning of the ceremony

*Light a unity candle


Writing blogs can be very time consuming at times. Deciding on a topic & then doing all the research……oh my! Every now and then someone decides to do the work for you…..or at the very least, re-visit an old blog post & bring it out of hiding

Thank you Mill Run Golf & Country Club for doing just that. Let’s re-visit “Choosing your wedding flowers” shall we…..

http://millrunweddingsandevents.wordpress/   Might I add that Mill Run is a stunning golf course & wedding venue, located in beautiful Uxbridge


Jun 072012

PEONIES: the beloved peony, they are a brides favorite. Loved for their big, blousy blooms,  peonies are here & gone before you know it

They are available from May

to mid/late June






Peony flowers come in a range of colours including: yellow, coral, peach, and lavender, in addition to white, blush, pink, magenta & red

Most peonies have a scent classified as rose, lemon, honey or musk

It’s Peony Season…..for a limited time only

just a couple of weeks left…..

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