I always have  clients ask me who  should they  tip & how much? The answer I always give is “whoever did an exceptional job & went above & beyond”  Tipping is not a requirement, but is expected.

You should tip (10-15% of total bill):

*Limo driver  (based on service)

*Officiant (or a church donation)

*Hair & make-up

*DJ/ Band  (entertainment)

*Photograper/videographer (when images are received)

*Venue (usually added in the contract)

Other vendor services such as: wedding planner, decor, cake designer, florist do not receive a tip unless their service was off the charts!

No vendor should pressure the bride & groom to leave a gratuity, if not warranted. It is at your discretion!

Have a great weekend & Happy Planning!



feather centrepieces
a gorgeous mix of anemone & feathers

I was inspired to write this blog today after speaking with 2 potential 2013 clients. Both clients are not having flowers in their bouquets & centrepieces. Deciding to use alternative materials such as dried  berries, twigs, cotton & feathers, or combining these materials with fresh flowers for a dramtic look!

Having tall centrepieces of gorgeous fluffy feathers flowing throughout the room for that WOW factor. Leaving a lasting impression on your guests, at a fraction of the cost of flowers.

Using dried flowers & other materials allows you to keep your bouquet forever! Although a fresh flower bouquet can be professionally preserved to last a lifetime, it can be expensive.

Lets not forget about the eco-friendly side of things! Using natural materials from your backyard, such as Birchwood from fallen trees to make awesome candle holders. Perfect for the winter and garden weddings and perfect for the budget!

My very first Bridal Show, I showcased wedding decor using things from my backyard and local forrest, complete with a few bugs too! I collected moss and used it as a table runner & Birchwood stumps for  candles holders. Having dried Manzinita trees, decorated with dried orchids to flank the table. I completed the look by visiting my local antique store & purchasing stunning glass lamp shades & dishware.

I love flowers & I always want to surround myself with gorgeous blooms but every now & then swapping them out for the alternative, is just fine with me


Wedding Inspiration on Pinterest

I ask people all the time, “are you on Pinterest”? The answer I get is always,”OMG….Yes”!!! or “what the heck is Pinterest”?

I, myself just jumped on the band wagon, & I have to say…….I LOVE IT!!! Its so addicting….the way Facebook was, when you first joined on!

But what is it….what can you do? Ok….I’m no expert, just learning myself, but man oh man, you can create boards about, whatever interest you! Home decor, fashion,recipes,hunky men, gorgeous women, travel, weddings,flowers,hair styles,cars, animals………the list goes on & on!

But for me, as a business, why is Pinterest so amazing? I can create boards for my clients on anything & everything….WEDDING! My boards will inspire brides on everything from theme, color, decor, flowers, hair, dresses, favours,etc,etc,etc.

Love the color purple, I have a whole board dedicated to the “purple” wedding, & blue, yellow, red, green, pink……..and so on.

If you haven’t seen it, take a look. It may seem a wee bit overwhelming at first, but it won’t take you long before you’re “pinning” like a pro

Check out FCL’s boards at www.pinterest.com/fclweddings  If you are a bride and/or groom, just starting to plan your wedding, you must check out my boards & follow me!

Only thing….you’ll need an invite. Ask someone you know who is already on Pinterest to send you an invite, or leave me your email address below (comment), & I will gladly send you one.

Happy Pinning…..as they say!

recipes on Pinterest

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